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Project category

Bridges, Viaducts, Roads


Montreal, QC


43,6 M$


Société de transport de Montréal (STM)




Additional informations

Construction of a new entrance shelter at the Vendôme metro station and of a new passageway and pedestrian walkway connecting to the AMT/MUHC

Main Work Performed

  • Construction of a new pedestrian link of the AMT passing under the CP railway right-of-way which connects the metro station to the train station and to the MUHC
  • Excavation of soils, including granular backfill and granular backfill of railway tracks
  • Formwork and concreting of the concrete foundations of the new STM kiosk, the two kiosks for the AMT and the pedestrian tunnel connecting to the MUHC
  • Sealing work on the vault of the Vendôme metro station
  • Architectural work, landscaping, electricity, mechanics, etc.
  • Establishment of a temporary support at the perimeter of the foundations, including the portion included in the railway right-of-way
  • Installation and waterproofing of tunnels
  • Connection of soil support systems with the new tunnels

Special methods and technical features

  • Installation of a tunnel by the method of shifting (selfsinking)
  • Work done in the city center near residential, institutional, commercial and hospital buildings
  • Implementation of special measures for noise management during construction
  • Implementation of measures to meet "Envision" requirements for sustainable infrastructure design
  • Establishment of protective ways to meet infection control requirements in MUHC Zone C
  • Strategic planning of work schedules according to the constraints related to the use of neighboring public services (metro, train and bus network) during rush hour
  • Implementation and monitoring of railways and retaining walls
  • Concreting with a unique LAFARGE self-compacting architectural concrete recipe: Agilia-Silver