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Chaudiere Water Power inc. - Ring Dam

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Hull, Quebec


2 700 000

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Fixed price


Chaudière Water Power inc.




Additional informations

Repair work on pillars # 45 and # 50 including the replacement of thresholds and guides for the addition of mechanical and automatic valves.

Main work carried out

  • Construction of a cofferdam to isolate the last 6 openings of the Ring Dam
  • Partial demolition of the concrete of the pillars and couriers
  • Demolition of existing guides and thresholds
  • Complete demolition of an old mobile joist installation winch
  • Injection and repair of concrete on some of the pillars
  • Complete installation of new recessed parts
  • Repair of the concrete upstream of the pillars with the addition of galvanized round shields
  • Sealing the rock floor
  • Construction of a permanent access downstream of the dam

Special methods and technical features

  • Precision demolition using a rock wheel concrete milling machine
  • Work in sequence with a cofferdam not completely waterproof on the rock
  • Repair of pillars with self-compacting concrete
  • Replacement of guides without second phase concreting