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Hydro Innavik - Inukjuak Hydroelectric Plant

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Inukjuak, Quebec


Hydro Innavik s.e.c.




Additional informations

Construction of a hydroelectric plant on the Inukjuak River with a total capacity of 7.8 Megawatts

Main Work Performed

  • Realization of studies and engineering for construction
  • Obtaining all permits for construction
  • Integration and training of Inuit workers
  • Construction of a hydroelectric plant with constraint of use in the Arctic North of the province of Quebec
  • Construction of a bypass for a capacity of 500 m3/s of water with closure structure
  • Construction of a weight dam with sheet pile core
  • Construction of a spillway type overflow
  • Construction of an access road of 8 km
  • Construction of a bridge over the Inukjuak River
  • Construction of a 25kv power line
  • Installation and operation of a camp
  • Air transport by CRT
  • Maritime shipping by CRT
  • Supply and installation of two Kaplan type turbines
  • Supply and installation of control systems
  • Supply and installation of all auxiliary mechanics (overhead crane, ventilation, heating and electricity distribution)