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HQ - ROMAINE 4 -- Excavation of adduction and related works

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Havre-Saint-Pierre, QC


35 000 000

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Additional informations

Excavation of adduction and related works. Contract carried out in joint venture with Hamel Construction inc.

Main work performed

  • Excavation of the access gallery
  • Excavation of the main intake tunnel
  • Excavation of the drainage and exit gallery
  • Excavation of a large distributor making the connection between the intake tunnel and the penstocks
  • Excavation of penstocks
  • Concreting of slabs in the galleries of penstocks
  • Design and installation of construction services (ventilation, water supply and electricity, fire protection, pumping, etc.)
  • Rock consolidation work, including flaking, bolting, injection, installation of protective mesh and shotcrete
  • Excavation of the connection gallery to the equilibrium chimney
  • Excavation of an equilibrium chimney (50m high x 30m in diameter)
  • Excavation of the well of the equilibrium chimney (65m high x 7m in diameter)
  • Design and construction of a path to the equilibrium chimney

Special methods and technical features

  • Method of construction of tunnels, equilibrium chimney and well by drilling and blasting