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SREL - North Bala Falls Hydroelectric project

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Muskoka Lakes, ON


24 105 000 $

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Fixed price


Swift River Energy Limited




Additional informations

Construction of a 4.7 Megawatt (MW) run-of-river waterpower facility

Main work performed

  • Installation of the cofferdams upstream and downstream
  • Excavation of 10,000 m3 of rock of the intake canal, the water intake, the power plant and the tailrace, including rock consolidation
  • Use of 6,500 m³ of concrete for the water intake and the power plant
  • Installation of a water treatment system from excavation areas
  • Supply and installation of a 4 MW Kaplan turbine
  • Connection of municipal services
  • Actions taken to protect the environment
  • Supply and installation of two sets of beams at the water intake with trash racks
  • Supply and installation of two sets of guard valves, including natural gas heating of guides and of the shelter
  • Supply and installation of control panels, electricity and interconnection
  • Supply and installation of a building, including architectural work

Special methods and technical features

  • Installation of a cofferdam upstream with prefabricated panels and installation with divers
  • Design of a cofferdam allowing its removal in less than five days to accommodate floodwaters
  • Blasting in the water for the tailrace
  • Work performed in a very confined place
  • Excavation along a bridge, 15 metres lower than its foundations