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Baie-James, Qc


89 000 000

Realisation mode

Partnership with Hamel Construction Inc






Additional informations

Concreting the La Sarcelle generating station of 150 MW, the water intake and related works

Main Work Performed

  • Dismantling of the temporary bridget over the canal restoration
  • Construction of cofferdams
  • Lowering the upstream level lake of canal C1A
  • Rock foundations treatment (cleaning, rock excavation, mortar, concrete, remodeling)
  • Drilling and curtain injection
  • Shotcrete under pressure
  • Protection of embankments against freezing
  • Construction of roads and permanent braces
  • Road construction, platform and electric line of the telecommunications tower
  • Installation and use of a dewatering system for the work zone
  • Installation of off profile and reshaping concrete
  • Drilling and grouting structural anchors and a curtain wall
  • Installing primary anchors and other parts, supplied by the manufacturer of the bulb-turbine units, to be embedded in concrete
  • Supplying and installing embedded pipe work and electrical conduits for the grounding system embedded in the concrete, sealing fins and fabricated metals
  • Concreting forms, reinforcement and concreting of the production and service areas
  • Supervision and installation of the superstructure
  • Concreting decking slabs
  • Supplying and installing prefabricated concrete panels for the upstream production area gates
  • Supplying and installing the building envelope, including roofing, masonry, doors and windows, multi-leaf doors, etc.
  • Concreting forms, reinforcement and concreting the water intake and diffusers
  • Grouting the intake cones
  • Installing and concreting the rails for the gantry crane
  • Installing the steel structure for the downstream service bridge deck and concreting the decking slab
  • Installing lintels, thresholds, stop log guard gate guides and the guides of the debris trap
  • Second phase concreting of the lintels, thresholds and stop log guard gate, and the guides of the debris trapservice areas
  • Construction of the contractor area
  • General deforestation
  • Operation of gravel pits and moraine pits
  • Production of backfill
  • Drilling and blasting pit
  • Drilling, blasting and excavation of C1 and C1A canals
  • Construction of temporary roads