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City of Terrebonne - New activated sludge wastewater treatment plant

Project category

Maritime and Municipal


Terrebonne, Quebec


86 900 000


Ville de Terrebonne




Additional informations

Complete construction of a new activated sludge wastewater treatment plant for the city of Terrebonne to eventually replace the old treatment system with aerated ponds.

Main work carried out

  • Earthworks and site environmental management;
  • Installation of a drainage system under the structures to be built;
  • Formwork and concreting of new reinforced concrete structures with FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymers);
  • Complete construction of the main building and other related buildings, including all architectural disciplines;
  • Supply and installation of treatment process mechanics systems:
  • Management of all subcontractors related to the project;
  • Supply and installation of new pipes and connections to existing networks;
  • Coordination of the connections of the new plant, in parallel with the commissioning and maintenance of the existing plant;
  • Wastewater management during connections;
  • Full commissioning of the new plant;
  • Operation of the new plant during the first year of use.

Special methods and technical features

  • Excavation in trenches and mass 6m deep or more;
  • Drying of two wetlands before the start of work, including the management of wildlife associated with these environments;
  • The majority of the reinforcement for the structures in this project is FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymers);
  • Directional drilling of approximately 100m to allow temporary drainage during the works;
  • Groundwater control;
  • Management of invasive plants on the work site;
  • Management of contaminated soils on the work site;
  • Installation of pressure pipes with diameters up to 750mm.