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MPA - Platforms 66 to 68

Project category

Maritime and Municipal


Montreal, Quebec


Administration Portuaire de Montréal




Additional informations

The work consists of repairing the concrete on wharfs 66 to 68 outside and underwater, depending on the level of the water body at the time of the work, replacing the railway track and concrete curbs with galvanized steel tubular fenders, repairing damaged keys, installing rungs as well as constructing concrete cushions and supplying and installing new berthing fenders.

Main work carried out

  • Removal of existing tire fenders;
  • Repair of the quay surface between the crane rail and the crowning wall;
  • Construction of concrete cushions for the new docking fender systems;
  • Demolition of existing curbs and installation of new curbs;
  • Supply and installation of new fender systems;
  • Repair of rungs and ladders above and below water;

Special methods and technical features

  • Diving work;
  • Repair work on the quay face above and below the water;
  • Demolition with milling machine on excavator;
  • Access by barge;
  • Suspended formwork.