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MPA - Platforms 50 to 52

Project category

Maritime and Municipal


Montreal, Quebec


Administration Portuaire de Montréal




Additional informations

Consolidate the existing scour protection structures at the foot of the caissons with a view to future deepening of the seabed at an elevation -11,700m from the chart datum for quays 50-51-52.

Main work carried out

  • Excavation of the seabed at -11,700m Z.d.C. on a strip 2m wide in relation to the face of the anti-scour structures of the sectors indicated on the plans;
  • Excavation of the seabed for the placement of rockfill berms;
  • Excavation for the preparation of the foundation of the consolidation structures;
  • Partial demolition of low wall;
  • Demolition of the wall + slab structure;
  • Demolition of concrete slabs 1 to 6 on the seabed;
  • Removal of cement / sand bags;
  • Bush hammering of concrete structures to be consolidated;
  • Installation of anchors, reinforcements, formwork and concrete;
  • Installation of riprap berms at the foot of the existing sheet piles;
  • Installation of an anchoring system at the head of the sheet piles.

Special methods and technical features

  • Diving work