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KMHB - Dual energy conversion

Project category

Maritime and Municipal


Inukjuak, Quebec


10,3 M$


Office Municipal d'Habitation Kativik


2021 - 2023


Additional informations

Converting air and propylene glycol heating systems to dual energy and converting domestic hot water systems to electricity.

Main work carried out

  • The goal of the project is to convert the central heating systems of all types of residential buildings of the KMHB in the northern village of Inukjuak in order to allow operation in dual energy mode. The community of Inukjuak will be served by a new hydroelectric power station combined with a new electrical distribution network that can provide heating in electric mode instead of oil heating (diesel).
  • The project also includes the replacement of water heaters running on oil with units running 100% on electricity.
  • Construction work carried out in two distinct phases over a period from July 2021 to the end of November 2023, namely: the conversion of heating to dual-energy mode initially and the replacement of water heaters in a second phase.

Special methods and technical features

  • Construction with use constraint in the Arctic North of Quebec;
  • Air transport provided by CRT;
  • Maritime transport of materials provided by CRT;
  • Work in collaboration with the community;
  • Ventilation and heating;
  • Electricity;
  • Control;
  • Connection by Hydro-Quebec.